Facebook was flooded on Monday with pictures of children heading off to their first day of school. I loved seeing these smiling faces and watching many of our young families grow up!

We too, are off and running with our fall semester here at Northland. The campus looks better than ever and a totally renovated dining hall has been a big hit with everyone. Thank you to our students who led the charge with Campus Cause 2011 and helped raise the $350,000 needed to get the job done.

Wednesday we begin our Impact Groups – a small group approach that will serve as a catalyst for discipleship and an intentional plan to “Be One. Make Many.” These small groups will consist of faculty and students and will be focused on four primary objectives: spiritual growth, community, ministry, and accountability.

We plan to study through the book of Galatians over the course of the year with the theme “Called to be free.” Each week (Monday or Tuesday) a Bible faculty member will lay a foundation for the study by preaching on a section from this epistle.

Wednesday morning at 10:00 am, I will have eight guys meeting with me. I am really excited about spending time with them over the course of the year and growing together.