Matt Olson is the former president of Northland International University. Before coming to Northland in 2002, he pastored Tri-City Baptist Church in Westminster, Colorado, a church he planted “from scratch” by God’s grace in the fall of 1981. Since that time, Tri-City has assisted in planting at least a dozen other churches in the West. Dr. Olson received his BA and MA degrees from Bob Jones University and later completed his doctoral work at Northland International University. His passion is for local church ministry and for the full scope of the Great Commission. Along with church planting and missions, he has developed a special interest in helping young people as they prepare for ministry. Dr. Olson and his wife, Diane, have three children and three grandchildren.

About This Site

This website is run independently of  Northland International University. While the opinions given on this site will likely align well with the ministries I serve, there will occasionally be things we link to that are not in full agreement with Northland. For this reason this site should not be seen as an official site of Northland International University.