This past week I had another opportunity to meet with the Patz family. Northland’s founder, Paul Patz, is with the Lord, but his children have also been engaged with the ministry from the very beginning by leading, building, serving, and giving. They have literally poured their lives and resources into Northland in sacrificial measure and still care deeply about its future. Ten years ago they handed me a trust and stewardship. It has always been incredibly important to me how they see things. I could not have gone away from this last meeting more encouraged. They have been very supportive of me as a president.

I thank the Lord for our founder. No man could have been more perfectly fitted for this calling—God gave him children who carried the vision, the passion, and the balance. This gives those of us at Northland even greater confidence as we press on toward a healthier, more vibrant ministry—preparing a new generation to ignite gospel movements worldwide. We not only share a gratitude for the past but a renewed excitement for our future.

Thank you, Patz family.

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