If you were to ask me who has impacted me the most over the past ten years, teachers or students, I would have to say my students. Students have asked tough questions and have forced me to dig deep and to be honest with what the scriptures say or don’t say. Students know when I am making something up, spinning it, or parroting the party line.They know what is in the Text and what is simply my opinion. They know what is transcendent truth and what is an application of truth to a particular time or situation. These past years have been humbling for me as I have been taught by my students. But they have also been very rewarding as the students’ honest inquiries keep pushing me to the Word. I thank the Lord that he is patient and never done growing me into Christ likeness. Being forced to go to the Word and seek God in prayer will direct us in the right paths. Now, we need to have the courage to walk those paths.

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