simplifyWe have lost simplicity. Life rolls on with ever increasing speed and complexity, and since we seem to have no power to stop it, we just try to adjust to the pace. Learning to multi-task does not solve the problem, it only gives a false sense of productivity when in reality it is just a mindless reaction to the wave of “things to do.” Never has this speed and complexity of culture so crippled our ability to think deeply, relate meaningfully, or contribute significantly. And most adversely affected is our relationship with God, for without simplicity there can be no intimacy with Him.

What are we going to do? Will we resign to the inevitable or take aggressive steps to change? When I say “we”, I mean our churches, marriages, and families. A new discipline is needed – not a discipline of seeing how many things we can get done in a day, but a discipline to limit ourselves to the few things that really matter. Not only do we need a new discipline, but we need new accountability. Most of us will not be able to see what needs to be done, much less do it. So, let’s take the steps to simplify—opening the door to think deeply, relate meaningfully, and contribute significantly.