Is this a ministry or a business?

I’m sure you’ve been asked this question before—or at least thought about it. When we think about “ministry” we think about God’s work that is eternal in its end and supernatural in its means. When we think about “business” we think about managing our possessions and work effectively and successfully. For the Christian minister it must be both. It is a ministry and it is a business—God’s business. We do everything in life for Him, through Him, and to Him (Rom 11:36).

There were a few things I didn’t learn in my ministry training, business was one of them. After about five years of pastoring this became painfully clear to me and I struggled through finding solutions. One of the things that helped me was reading good business books. These books, as with any book, should be read by a mind and heart that is saturated by the Word of God and led by the Spirit of God.

Here are five books that have been most helpful to me:

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