It was good on so many levels to have Daniel Patz as our Founder’s Day speaker! For me, it was a meaningful connect with a very like minded brother who represents a wave of solid guys that were pouring out of Northland in the late ’90’s and early part of the new millennium. I would simply say that, “they get it.” They understand what is important and they are passionate about what really counts. It is fine if we differ on small stuff.

Daniel challenged us in his message from his unique four-fold perspective: grandson of the founder, faculty-staff child, alumnus, and now pastor. He shared what he took away from his time at Northland:

  1. A passion for God
  2. A love for the Word of God
  3. A servant leader mindset
  4. A love for the local church

What was so encouraging for us was that these are still the driving themes we want to communicate. And to hear them from a 1998 grad just fuels our passion to keep on. For many of you who are like Daniel, I would love to reconnect as we are able.

It would be worth your time to listen to Daniel’s message. You can access it at this link on Sermon Audio.

I would love to connect with you! If you have any questions or would like to connect please use the contact page.