Why are so many many churches and institutions that were once thriving now in a rapid state of decline? There may be many reasons, but a significant part of the problem is what Jim Collins addresses in his book, How the Mighty Have Fallen; “When institutions fail to distinguish between current practices and the enduring principles of their success, and mistakenly fossilize around their practices, they’ve set themselves up for decline.”

For many church ministries and organizations, their enduring principles and convictions produced methods and practices that served as tools to accomplish mission in their present day. Over time the methods become sacred right along with the principles. The longer the methods go untouched  the harder they are to change, and the more quickly the decline.

Leaders need to step up to the plate and lead with:

  1. A clear vision to take timeless principles into a new day with effective methodologies.
  2. Wisdom to navigate from where they are to where they need to be.
  3. Boldness and courage to make the hard decisions and then to stay the course to completion.
  4. Grace in relationships along the way.

Join me in praying with and for the leaders of tomorrow. The needs and opportunities have never been greater!