Andy Naselli | What If You Fail?

Andy Naselli posted a good quote from Tim Lane and Paul Tripp from their book How People Change.

 Albert Mohler | The Seduction of Pornography and the Integrity of Christian Marriage

Al Mohler has a two part article on pornography and marriage. These are two very worth while articles to look at digest. Part 1 | Part 2

The Gospel Coalition | Let’s Get Our Theological Priorities Straight

“Get your priorities straight. This is true in the realm of Christian doctrine, just as it is anywhere else in life. Doctrinal prioritization has a strong pedigree. Jesus himself placed priority on the two great commandments: love God and love your neighbor (Matthew 22:36-40).”

David Crabb | Forbidding What God Allows

“Most Christians intuitively recognize that it is sinful to allow what God prohibits. God has said that we must not steal or commit adultery, and certainly it would be sinful for us to say otherwise. And yet, it is not so clear (especially amongst conservative Christians), that it is equally sinful to prohibit what God allows.”

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