Desiring God | How to Thrive in College

“College should be a temporary season of academic preparation and personal growth to propel a lifetime of effective service to God and neighbor. It should be a launching pad into all that goes with responsible Christian adulthood. Yet for some it’s a time when they abandon the Christian faith, displaying that they never really belonged to Christ (1 John 2:19).”

Practical Shepherding | What are 10 Practical Ways to Love and Serve Your Wife?

Brian Croft at Practical Shepherding had this to say in his post this week, “Husbands, here is some very practical advice on ways to communicate love to your wife.  This is what I shared at the men’s luncheon on Monday at the Berean Baptist Church Marriage Conference and we had a great discussion about them.  Use them as a template to know how to best make your wife feel loved and cherished by you.”

Kevin DeYoung | How to Start at Your New Church

So what should I do when I start attending a new church? DeYoung gives you a list of seven items.

Kevin DeYoung | How to Leave Your Old Church

This is a follow up to the previous post of “How to Start at Your New Church.” Again, an excellent list of seven items.